Herbivore High is a personal blog created by Isabella.

My blog posts document my life and often highlight the food I eat, natural remedies I use and my workouts. I do not have any medical training, nor am I a registered dietitian. While I have graduated from Integrative Nutrition, the content on Herbivore High aims to whisk you along my path towards personal wellness. My food-style and workouts outline what is right for me. It may not work for you and should not be viewed as a guideline in any way.

If you need professional counsel, seek the advice of a medical doctor.


On occasion I conduct reviews on Herbivore High. I only promote books/products that I find awesome. Sometimes I will discover something I truly love and want to share it with you. I do not receive compensation, nor do I accept requests from companies to review their products. If that ever changes, I will be forthcoming and state that in my post.