Meet Isabella


Welcome to Herbivore High, where my family’s passion for meat collides with my fondness for plant based eating. I’m an experimental cook who maintains peace in the kitchen. I serve up vegetarian meals, meat dinners and everything in between. Come on in and discover delicious food that won’t leave you stranded in the kitchen.

My food affair was amplified by a wanderlust inherited from my mom. As a child, it was so exciting to explore new destinations and sample local cuisine. Forever a wanderer, I constantly seek new and inspiring experiences.

The most memorable adventure I’ve encountered was living in Colorado. The crisp, cool mountain air, hiking majestic mountains, playing in the glistening snow…it all adds up to a heart content. One day my curious soul will be home, enjoying the tranquility of mountain living. Until that magical moment, I strive to be content and seek out adventures in America’s Heartland.